A Study about “The Various Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction of Mba Teachers in Colleges with Special Reference to Madurai District, India”

Arul Edwin Fredrick P


Teaching is regarded as one of the noble professions. Job satisfaction, despite being one of the most common areas researched, still continues to fascinate. It is therefore important that people who join the teaching profession should be dedicated, competent and satisfied in their work. Every profession has certain aspects responsible for job satisfaction; teaching too is not an exception unless and until a teacher derives satisfaction on job performance, he/she cannot initiate desirable outcomes to cater to the needs of the society. Only satisfied and well-adjusted teachers can think of the well-being of their pupils. The teachers are responsible for imparting education and guidance to students and also for undertaking research development in their respective fields for enriching the quality of teaching and research. Therefore the aim of this study is to analyze the job satisfaction level and the factors that influence them among the teachers in MBA Colleges.


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